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According to Greek mythology, beautiful Mount Helicon was home to the muses of poetry and music.  It was also birthplace to the winged white stallion Pegasus.   Helicon is the perfect home for horses... who are both living works of art and poetry in motion.  My grandfather John Hamlin originally named his Morgan horse farm in Vermont Helicon, and I am proud to carry on the tradition here in Texas.
The focus at Helicon Farm is now dressage, but the ideals are the same.   Dressage is journey for the rider, who seeks to become a harmonious partner with the beautiful, lyrical horse. This quest has its rewards and heartbreaks, like anything worthwhile.
My passion is training young horses up through the levels.   Most of my riding horses were born at Helicon Farm, or they got here as fast as possible!  My first homebred, the Hanoverian/TB cross, Di Amore and I worked our way up the levels together.   We have schooled all the Grand Prix movements and have shown through Prix St. Georges.   Dia gave me a wild ride, in more ways than one, but I try to remember all that she has taught me. 
I am also blessed to be able to help my good friends on their journeys with their horses.  We all share the goal of improving our riding skills while training happy, healthy horses in as harmonious and fair a way as possible.  
 Please visit the pages of this site to learn more about the horses, students and friends of Helicon Farm.  
Louisa Zai and Dunin Bradstreet
Darrell Dodds photo
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Helicon Farm is just 15 minutes west of Fort Worth and minutes from Interstates 30 and 820.
You can reach me on my cell at (817) 291-8499 or
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I love horse magazines!  I am a rider and a writer.  
I am especially proud of my articles in the national magazine Dressage Today.
My horse adventures are partly subsidized by my work in Advertising Sales for:  
the SouthWest Horse Trader, a regional horse magazine which has served Texas for fifteen years! 
and the beautiful annual publication Warmblood Stallions of North America. Drool over the beautiful stallions in this glossy A-Z directory of stud muffins, published by Anna Goebel
In the 1960's my grandfather John Hamlin's tribute to Helicon flourished with a Morgan horse breeding farm in Vermont.  My mother and grandfather and aunt showed their horses together. My father, Luther Zai, was also an equestrian with an enthusiasm for dressage, which was rare in US at that time. He was a Swiss citizen and had studied dressage while in school in Zurich. Tragically he died when I was very young.  I am grateful to have inherited is passion for life, dressage and horses.